Jackson Henry

A passionate physicist and programmer driven by curiosity.



My curiosity has been the primary motivator for most of my life. It lead me to my passion for physics and mathematics. It is why I can never stop asking questions. Programming is my second love. Developing an understanding of computers being and able to control them has been a passion of mine for years now. Most recently I have fallen for design. Although I have no formal training in this field it has been immensely exciting learning and apply the intricacies to web development.


Thinking about the way the world works, the way sound travels through air, the reason it's cold at night, the reason the planets move in elipses, is what gets me. Trying to imagine the world, trying to discover how it works and to describe it. Always asking why. As i have learned more about the world i have grown incesently more curious. Wanting to be able to think about things at a more and more fundamental level. Wanting to explore the underlying princaples that are how the world functions. I have been lucky enough to work with Dr. Whelan at RIT and Dr. Cadonati at UMass to study how gravity moves through space. I have been working with the LIGO and the LSC since i was in high school. Now I am working with Dr. whelan at RIT's CCRG studying the detection geometry of LIGO telesopes.


I've been programming in python for several years, and in javascript and mathematica for just over one. I'm much more comfortable in python and that is my language of choice for scientific programming because of it's ease of use and various libraries (numpy , scipy , mlab , matplotlib , sympy). I started using mathematica last year when I started multi-variable calculus. Since then I use it primarily for quick mathematical visualizations and numerical simulation. Javascript has recently become my primary language. Not because of anything about the language itself but because of it's connection to HTML and CSS. Because of this connection anything I write can be easily visualized and distributed.